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DISC 2021 Youth Fall Volleyball Programs

Our Middle School volleyball clinic series will feature four days of volleyball instruction and play for grades 5-8. Each three hour session will focus on individual skill instruction from Minnesota North coaches for the first half, followed by guided play for the second half. To register call 218-722-0810.

DISC 2021 Adult Fall Volleyball Programs

To Register for a Adult Volleyball Tournament – Click HERE

To Register for a Adult Volleyball League – Click HERE

Adult Volleyball LeagueAdult Volleyball Tournaments

DISC Summer Leagues

Monday Night High School Varsity League: Playoff Results    Season Schedule   Final  Standings

Tuesday Night Middle School League:  Playoff Results   Season Schedule    Final Standings

Wednesday Night High School Varsity League:  Playoff Results    Season Schedule    Final Standings

Thursday Night High School JV League: Playoff Results    Season Schedule    Final Standings

Volleyball courts are available for rental by the general public for $27.55/court/hour. Call 218-722-0810 to schedule.

2021 High School Captain’s Tournament Schedule

2021 High School Captain’s Tournament Results

1- Hermantown

2- Ely

3- Ashland

3- Webster 1

5- Floodwood

5- Mesabi East

5- Aitkin 1

8- Aitkin 2

9- Webster 2